As first round of development of the ALSAD application (Automatic LifeStyle Advice) has been completed, it is time to say a big thank you for our partners who contributed to the success of this project.

We would like to thank the expertise and help of the professional team of Semmelweis University contributed to the development work of ALSAD,  to support patients with diabetes and/or kidney failure. The team of Dr. Peter Reismann, senior lecturer, working at the Clinic of Internal Medicine II of Semmelweis University was Erika Simon, Klaudia Csikai, and Csaba Sumanszki. We also appreciate and admire the knowledge and proficiency of the expert team of Fresenius Medical Care (Dr. Erzsebet Ladanyi, Dr. Maria Boke, Dr. Peter Kevei, Tunde Tolmacs and Eniko Kiraly), their experience in treatment of kidney diseases and dialysis precess is helped a lot during the development process.

Netis Informatics Ltd. and its partner Insiron Ltd. have developed the new, AI-supported application which helps people with a chronic condition to manage their everyday life. Medical specialists and dietitians put together the professional, validated content and recommendations, which is the basis to compile personalised diets and menu plans. The recommendations are fine tuned by using the user’s individual lab results and some additional, personal health data to assess the patient’s health status to provide the best recommendations.

The first groups of diabetes patients, patients with IR, patients with kidney failure or patients previously undergoing kidney transplant had the opportunity to test the application, together with their doctors and dietitians. The application makes the daily menu planning much easier, as the system can create a personalised menu plan, using personal and lab data, also considering their diet goals. The professional team supported the participating patients at workshops during the beta-test phase, to set the dietary and nutrition plans, monitoring data for feedback, which indicate improvement. The status of patients has changed a lot with the support of ALSAD, and they could easily make the user-friendly application part of their everyday life. Their individual stories will also be published on this page.