Software and application development

"It was very important to work with IT developers who can successfully co-operate with veterinary professionals during the development of Vetfusion. We received great help from the highly qualified experts of NETIS to complete our development project successfully. They have developed a user-friendly and efficient web-based online solution by using .NET."
(Mr. István Vati, Managing Director of Vatner)

Software and application development
Special Solutions in Healthcare & Education

"We are grateful for NETIS for the highly responsible work during the project to implement the central IT infrastructure system in our new Head Office and the dialysis centres operated by our organisation. I would specificaly highlight the praiseworthy attitude, their preparedness at the highest level and the fact they always met the tight deadlines."
(Mr. Attila Berkes, CEO, Fresenius Medical Care Hungary)

Special Solutions in Healthcare & Education
ICT Infrastructure and System Integration

"During our work we were ascertained that the team of NETIS consists of highly qualified professionals. They completed their work in an efficient, attentive manner always meeting deadlines during the planning of cabling network of the renewed airport terminals and installation of the new IP TV network."
(Mr. László Ágoston, Managing Director, Telvill)

ICT Infrastructure and System Integration
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About Netis

NETIS offers software and application development with attractive design, system integration and ICT infrastructure services for the needs of private businesses and the public sector. The company has special expertise in developing solutions for the medical sector, while our team also provides state of the art project management in complex projects which are supported by EU funding.
As an innovative provider of sophisticated and complex IT solutions we wish to support our clients by building a bridge between basic IT infrastructure and applications.

Quality management system:

Our Products


The Medical Simulation Training Frameset (SimEduSmart) is a training system to support interactive and practical medical training ...
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Several companies still lack innovative support of internal and management processes, not measuring important details. Occupatos performance ...
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VETFUSION is a new online veterinary application, which can effectively support diagnostical and treatment works of veterinary ...
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This software application is essential, where an effective co-operation is needed between team members and organisations to ...
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vCoD is a web-based e-learning event management application to support internal training activities within an organisation. Real ...
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Brussels meeting – January, 2017

The first year of ICT4Life project has been passed. Initial ideas have been now elaborated and initial goals, activities has been disseminated to potential target groups as well as the ...
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Paris meeting – September, 2016

After the first 6 months of the ICT4Life project, mostly spent with planning, researching and building initial structures. The first more technology-related Deliverables were also prepared, and among others, Netis ...
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Innovation Day of Semmelweis University

Netis attended the second Innovation Day of Semmelweis University of Budapest. Presentations focused on several topics, from healthcare innovation strategies and development trends, future innovation trends, opportunities to co-operate between ...
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ICT4Life: Netis will contribute to the project with software development.

Almost 10 million Europeans live with dementia or Parkinson’s disease today. As a result of ageing, the number of persons affected by one of those conditions is forecasted to double ...
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